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We believe in talents

People working at LANGA do not only create art, they shape it to leave a message. We are never going to display any available jobs at LANGA Studios. You are free to send us your CV anytime. This is just to explain what our base format looks like so that you know the only one methodological procedure you have to follow if you decided to apply for a job.


Young people and their will to innovate are our engine. At the same time, all experiences at LANGA will be a wonderful chance for their professional training. We look for talented young people who would like to contribute to pre-existing projects or would like to help us shape new ideas. Apprentices and recently graduated together to create something unique, maybe a new team.

Apprenticeship program

For those who split up between studies and work. Young students wishing their abilities could be at LANGA disposal shall be praised. At LANGA you can decide by yourself how you would your apprenticeship to be like: a work experience during summer rather than some collaborations throughout school period.

Recently graduated

To help you make your dreams become reality. You have the chance to apply to a Project manager position with an original project of your own. Place, equipment and funds are given by LANGA to help you develop your own potential and improve your skills.

This could be your place

Here some of our work postions.

Working or collaborating with us is your choice only. Below we listed some sectors in which we operate, in order to introduce you to some possible departments in which you could be located or that you could support with your work.

AAA – LANGA Opportunities

Apply now for one of our internal workplace

In one of our commercial Store or in a LANGA operating offices

Private contest to hire the winning contestants. The newly hired will be assisted by our tutor during the very first months to acquaint with the job and all the commitments that come along with it. Mandatory requisites – certificates: first level degree, second level degree, master’s degree or more simply willingness to work and learn. Any employment applications must be sent to [email protected] only together with the written tests specified in points 1 and 2.

The contest step by step:

  1. written test: describe oneself within and not further one A4 page (by hand only)
  2. practical written test: send one’s life project through .zip file + describe the same project within one page of UNI EN ISO A4 sheet (on PC only)
  3. oral test: job interview with one of LANGA team members

The result of the exam will be communicated to the applier within 8 work days after the oral test.