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Collaborators and suppliers

Open up your mind.

Collaborate or work directly with our technical department. 

A place where brilliant ideas are conceived every day, this is what we had in mind since the very beginning. Now, we deal with collaborators from all over the world to develop together strong and avant-garde digital art services in the field of strategic business communication. Being with us means developing a strong commitment in every part of every project. We believe that personal ambition means productivity and good results, always.

“If it doesn’t go beyond physics,
we can certainly do it.”


Luca Prata

Group CEO of LANGA Companies

Many advantages

Being part of our group

Being part of our group offers undeniable advantages, first of all the cultural progress rising from interpersonal debates, for our associates and for Clients’ sake. While working at LANGA we have connected to each other creating a big team, where each member’s tasks depend on his skills and nothing is related to social class, complexion or culture. LANGA promotes learning and cultural growth programs for all its associates and workers. In addition to that, LANGA offers its workers and their families special promotions to buy LANGA services.


Hey is our collaboration program, created to support those who want to improve themselves more and more. Apply now to become one of our official B2B Partners.

We have a place.

Maybe it’s for you.

Working or collaborating with us is up to you. Hereby we presented you some sectors in which we operate, in order to show you some places where you may fit, or activities that you can support. Show us your skills and apply now to be part of us. 

“Working here allowed me to grow culturally, also after my schooling.”

High developer

Creating extraordinary services

Brilliant and artful ideas spring everyday in our projects development. We create digital art services, more and more up-to-date in marketing communication domain. Joining us means working hard and putting every inch of talent and will in order to achieve great results together.

We go beyond a simple work

We innovate not just to produce something different but to enrich global culture. Based on our past experience, we create new services. That's why we manage to store and use precious resources to offer new products. Everyday, in our workspaces, you can feel the will, the commitment and the purpose of working together, also thanks to the videowalls that make easier to exchange ideas about all projects that are under development.

Sharing to create

Sharing ideas helps us elaborate all LANGA projects at our best. A single service kick-starts wider reflections and rielaborations. All our services and all LANGA project teams rise from our propositive approach and our constant exchange of ideas. We want our digital services to be incomparable for what concerns method and innovation.

“We always think about what we are doing, from all points of view and relating everything to each person working with us.”

Andrea Dotta

Chief design officer

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