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After studying architecture at the Polytechnic faculty of Turin, Luca Prata developed his culture in a logistics company in the area, perhaps to actively test what he already had in store for his future business. Being convinced that the use of working methods could help the human being to produce better and with less effort, he wanted to apply it in the factory where  he worked, always drawing positive results to develop and analyze. In 2012 he retired from a slightly retrograde factory that left no room for him, putting himself on the line.

Andrea Dotta, student at the Art Academy in Turin, Italy, was taking lessons in design and contemporary art, but he soon understood that self-discipline could give him more than the rigid and archaic school methods of the Italian university. In 2014 he met Luca Prata at a training meeting that he had decided to open, through a simple web announcement.

In the announcement of September 02, 2014, we read:

“We are looking for people motivated to do something, motivated to change the world.”

The words of Luca Prata during an interview made by “Il Corriere”, reported:

“20 people answered immediately, 10 showed up the first time, 5 the second and 3 the third time; it was not a great success but on the other hand it is known that in Italy when there is a need to get your hands dirty there are always many good intentions and few people who would really do it.”


Leaving behind the people who for too short a time had believed in this startup, the ideals were supported by the winning couple of Andrea Dotta and Luca Prata and then it started to work seriously. A few months later the scent of business already was growing and there was the need to have another person in the team, a photographer. Luigi Perrone immediately took the position of photographer both for the representation of the coordinated image of the company and for the workings of the clientele.

After a testing period, all together and behind a beer, they decided to found LANGA WEB INFORMATICA to develop customer services. Growing up as a programming team, as a photographic and video reproduction studio, a real company was formed.

In 2017, after an arduous company consolidation, Luca Prata and Andrea Dotta founded the LANGA Group, a company that launched different awareness campaigns for the weakest, even opening a program called LANGA Donor that lent itself to the granting of aid to zootechnical companies. Many digital services were developed also thanks to the same customers who believed in the values of the company and with many other programs of global attention, a sustainable culture was increasingly being promoted, in various areas, such as: environmental, medical, educational and training.

In 2019 LANGA Corp. is a nationally and internationally recognized company, awarded with important eulogy badges in the field of digital arts in addition to the merits in the field of global attention that it claims to always keep constantly active. During the following years, the company continued to expand its boundaries, evolving and improving constantly.

Logos and brands

The first logo, created by Luca Prata, derived from that of his first academic startup, PQND Collaboration. The logo was represented by a light bulb in a plausible form with the writing next to it. This logo, with a graphic style that is not at all iconic, represented the idea of genius that each of us can ignite within himself.

Always, a digital marking belongs to every digital service, called “Seal”, and which is combined with the word LANGA in extended form. The LANGA writing is surrounded by a contour line and has been sketched almost as a simple suggestion of a safe environment.

Over time, the main company logo changed several times and then presented itself in a minimal and definitive form nowadays. The bulb pictogram has sometimes been combined with the word LANGA while other times it has been separated and presented individually, until it has been recorded in its entirety in a coupled and vertical form. The use of the pictogram and the word LANGA are represented in multiple ways but always on the basis of the exposure conditions allowed by the communication managers.

Moreover, different company brand logos were developed, among which many deriving from the main brand of the same name, LANGA.

Corporate slogans

Websites, for everyone (2015)
strongly utopian decision given the desire to express itself only for quality and not for quantity.

Marketing with Method (2017)
the use of the application of LANGA’s working methods have been the cornerstone for the new corporate slogan.

Digital Marketing Firm (2018)
with regard to corporate internationalization, it was decided to approach the products to the customer with a simple and linear wording.


LANGA has always sought a quality commercial development and, at the same time, on a large scale. The network was created with the aim of overcoming geographical limits, bringing people who produce services closer to those who need them.

The company has developed an important digital service resale network, called Hey. Another important network, the Artists project, deals with the technical world. This project has been able to profile multiple digital artists in order to create an offer that is increasingly suited to the customer’s needs.

The associates

In 2018 LANGA decided to donate part of its profits to its employees and collaborators to make them part of an increasingly strong team. Why Group Association or Why was founded with the intention of rewarding the most willing and capable interiors by encouraging them more and more to team work. To date, the group is made up of several associates able to solve different types of marketing requests. The total list of members can be consulted through a simple legal search for the Why Group Association.

Why is the maximum meritocratic expression that the board of directors wanted to recognize to people who actively collaborate on a project, going beyond common working standards.

The first websites

Since 2006 Luca Prata was passionate about the development of the arts of representation. With the passage of time he learned different types of technical languages that led him to master the use of various software in an increasingly versatile way. These tools helped him strongly on sales even though he soon understood that they could only serve him as the first approach of a more complete digital assistance. From 2015 he released his true commercial nature through important communication strategy techniques to undertake true technological development. The LANGA WEB IT division was born.

Digital revolution

After an arduous company consolidation, in 2019 LANGA Corp. developed many market analyzes in the areas of digital services, realizing that it had to veer towards providing digital services in a global way. By means of advice evaluations and many logical developments, the company managed to materialize its digital art services, giving birth to The Cubes.

Over time, the company has managed to offer a varied commercial spectrum of digital services, all through unconventional methods and digital and physical instruments. The digital arts network has led LANGA studios to be considered advocates of the digital revolution in Italy.


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