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People with a vision.

The people you see in this page are united by the constant desire to improve themselves and to build a better world together. We represent different teams with a single goal, to support digital arts and its evolution through time.

Chief Executive Officer

Luca Prata


Luca PRATA is LANGA CEO and he is in LANGA administration board. Before joining LANGA, Luca earned one Bachelor in Architecture and Construction Engineering, working in the same time as a manager of logistic companies.

Before being appointed CEO in June 2016, Luca was a project developer of web division at LANGA. Besides he led Foolish Team where he played a central role consolidating main business relationships between suppliers and retailers and guaranteeing great flexibility as the market became more and more demanding.

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Chief design officer

Andrea Dotta


Andrea Dotta carries out main works for LANGA as he is in charge for design in LANGA Clients departement, reporting to CEO Luca Prata. Since 2015 Andrea has led project team at LANGA.

In 2016 he supervised some designers who worked in graphic and digital art domain and deserved notices. Overtime Andrea has attended several stylistic and graphic classes getting worthy experiences to teach to project teams.
Photography director

Luigi Perrone

Image communication

Luigi Perrone is in charge of image communication at LANGA reporting to CEO Luca Prata and supervises worldwide communication strategies and mediatic relationships for LANGA.

He previously led LANGA PRINT team in images division. Before joining LANGA Luigi developed various skills in digital and photographic domain.
High developer

Fabio Delbosco

Software technologies

Fabio Delbosco is one of LANGA managers in software R&D unit, under CEO Luca Prata’s supervision. His team creates software for user interfaces, apps and frameworks.

In 2018 he got involved in LANGA Project as a back-end developer. Fabio has a diploma in computer domain and he is keen on any details related to client usability.
ADV and media approach

Andrea Porello

ADV management

Andrea Porello leads advertisement division for business sponsorship, reporting to CEO Luca Prata.

Andrea joined LANGA in 2018 and since then he has supervised mediatic contents released for business and communication strategies. Before that, he studied Communication sciences at Turin University.
Texts and concepts

Marta Moresco

Texts and concepts

Marta Moresco is head of the company’s translate section, referring to CEO Luca Prata. All reworking and translation of the communication texts in ITA, ENG and FRA are subject to her.

Marta is completing some implementation studies at the philosophical address of the Sorbonne university in Paris.
Hardware & Programming

Sein Gupta

IT Director

Sein Gupta develops internal design software for LANGA referring to CEO Luca Prata. Sein takes care of development and web codification aspects to power any services offered by LANGA systems.

He joined LANGA in 2020 and created a developing team in charge of automatism technologies through artificial intelligence. Sein has a diploma in hardware components and computer programming domain.
Customare care

Paola Moresco


Paola Moresco is the figure dedicated to the care of LANGA customers through the Customer care information department. She has direct reference with the CEO Luca Prata.

Paola is responsible for direct communication with entities external to the company.
Board of directors

Luca Prata
Ceo of LANGA

Luigi Minasso
CFO auditor

Corrado Prata
Owner of WhyInn S.r.l.

Marco Bonardo
HR Management

Carla Gallo
Why Group Chief financial officer

Andrea Dotta
Chief design officer

LANGA press for media

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