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Our opinions as a Firm

If you wish it, you can do it. We figured out we needed a sort of motto to cheer us up, to help us looking for the finishing line even when things are getting tough, but we wanted something different from the old regular ones. Over time we planned out our works through an ocean of rules, that help us do our best, since we do not think about the others as individuals, but we think about our community with everyone.

We must inspire mankind and make him fond of well-done, rational works.

Luca PrataCEO LANGA Corp. S.r.l.

Ethical guidelines

We have to point out some leading points so that each worker in LANGA believes in his job and don’t look at it as a matter of money. We hope our workers will always be aware they are part of one group of people who draw their success from the participation of each member to the team itself. Here are some among LANGA ethical guidelines that contribute to our success:

Being a leader

Motivation streams from the upper management down to workers. Only when the leader has charisma and he can really motivate people, workers admire him, wish they could imitate him and even work harder for him. “Strong leadership” does not stand for “tyranny” since real leaders do not make decisions only but they are also able to thank their co-workers or their workers or praise a good job.

Making talents and efforts come to light

Never humiliate or ignore workers’ talent and never let it fade or leave the company. Talents must be given the value they deserve by planning tasks well and rationally and acknowledge one’s talent. Creating a close-knit team is a very good way to make talents come to light, so the members of the team should go along well and feel a sort of friendly competition to do their best at work and make the most of their talents.

Investing on education courses

Any company should promote education courses and training for its workers, to really motivate them. In this way they will increase their own skills and get new ones and be always ready for any job they have to do. Workers who are not well looked after and who do not have the equipment they need may not be able to do their jobs willingly and they might be less productive and do not trust themselves.

Adoption of transparency policies

When any decisions is taken without consulting workers of a company or even informing them about the available options, leaders behave like they do not care about their workers and their opinions. A non-stop communication between the upper management and the workers is crucial to get the latter involved in the decisions that concern them all, during periodical meetings.

Bringing happiness in one’s work

Bringing happiness into one’s work looks like a goal so out of reach, nevertheless it must the very priority of any company. We think that the best strategy is trying to incorporate workers’ passions into their work as much as possible so that they work with enthusiasm and dedication.

Problem solving

Being able to face any issues in a company is such a great resource. To deal with and overtake any difficulties the upper management has to choose the proper operational approach, like how to point out the origin of a problem, to choose the most suitable method and to carry on with the decisions that have been made.


Warranty and service certification

LANGA provides all its products with a limited warranty of its own volition: it covers more than what is mandatory in compliance with the Consumer code. LANGA guarantees that its services will have no manufacturing defects for 2 years from the purchase date. LANGA guarantees that its services will have no defects for the whole period of warranty, if they are kept in safe and healthy place only, with no risk of danger due to external agents.

Our service’s warranty is attested by certifications on graphic, stylistic and technical-programmatic design that respect our workflow. They certify that our products are unique and detailed according to the requests made by public or private companies. The execution of our projects always follows the guidelines written in our Terms and Conditions, as well as each service’s Terms of Use.

Each product by LANGA has been stamped with LANGA warranty seal that attests its execution in compliance with our production process. Our warranty seal stands for the insurance source for all our web, print or video services. Usually our seals are placed on the bottom part of all web matrixes, on the bottom part of print products and in the outros of our videos.

The Project description of technical manufacturing, that you can consult, is the crucial point for LANGA to guarantee its Clients’ satisfaction. Each member of LANGA Team is a specialized technician with a specific task who has been compulsorily tested by our own Testers before joining any project plan line.

An example of culture

Building up a company culture that can really make the company itself and the products worthy is not simple at all, above all as long as workers involvement and core value sharing are concerned.

“Beryl Health’s Value Is In Its People”

How do people learn efficient strategies of company management? Well, this is simple, by studying any cases of success standing on talent and strong motivation of human capital. BerylHealth is a US company offering consultation services and support for companies dealing with healthcare and it build all its business on the idea of company culture.

CEO Paul Spiegelman runs a column on Inc magazine called the ‘The culture gap’. While browsing through his posts we find an interesting article where he explains the most important details to take care of to strengthen the culture in a company and he lists all the strategies he carried out at Beryl, that is “10 elements of great company culture”.

Since at LANGA we share his ideas, we report them here:

Core values

They have nothing to do with motivation sentence someone may frame and hang on a wall to cover a blank space, but they are values people do believe in and want to inspire to while doing their job. These values will never change, no matter how many changes society has to go through. This is why at Beryl cultural elements are communicated till the very first day of work of any workers, by exchanging opinions and telling stories about how these core values are felt by workers in their daily work.


Having contact with the co-workers out of the office is really important. The company often throws parties, themed days, events and plays, some of which have become a real tradition like the “family day”. There is even a bimonthly magazine, called the Beryl life, delivered to every worker.

Celebrating one’s merits

People should adknowledge any merits of their team workers. Even though congratulations from our boss are our most favorite, it is nice as well when our co-workers prove they can acknowledge our talents. This is the reason why there is a program at Beryl, the PRIDE (Peers Recognizing Individual Deeds of Excellence), to allow workers reward the worthiest among them. Then there are other trimonthly contests for anyone who get PRIDE awards.


Some threads in the fabric of the company culture stand for the relationship with the local community. No matter Beryl is an international company, it has done a great job by working hard for many hours at needy people care service in Bedford, Texas (where Beryl’s headquarters are settled in).


Communication at any level of the company is always encouraged: these days there is no company without marketing. Paul plans various events, both formal and informal, for example trimonthly meetings like the chat and chew, a 12-15 people launch to motivate conversations. Moreover he sends personal emails to all workers every month and he created a website for “shy” workers.

Look after your workers

Your workers need to be sure you take care of them. So at Beryl there is a system called the BereylCares: the CEO gets an email when something occurs in his workers’ life (births, deaths, accidents, wedding, etc.). In this way he can congratulates, gives a call or arranges a visit at the hospital. Besides any worker at Beryl can ask for a financial support.

Focus on education

Investing in professional trainings for the workers enables a rise in human resources job and makes workers proud as the company proves in this way it trusts workers and their skills. At the beginning the company may plan some social-friendly activities, like a book club, then it may develop learning platforms to arrange online management courses.


Company culture is based on tradition. Any events or programs should not be planned: the secret is settling on some proper activities on the spot and make them grow little by little. It may take years, but the very goal is making workers love both their workplace and their co-workers.


A leader should not stay on a pedestal, way far from the rest of the company workforce: he should rather create strong and friendly connections with all the workers, no matter their job. In fact, Paul takes part in every recreational activities: he performs in comic sketches, he is keen on themed days and ping-pong competitions. “I laugh and I cry with my workers” he admits.


Maybe not all members of the organization know the history of the company or the founders’ personal histories and what motivated them to create the company. However people need to know they are part of something unique and special. It might be useful to welcome new workers by telling them the history of the company. Paul Spiegelman guarantees this list of tricks is what any leader needs to make workers involved and committed.


Short and sharp conclusions. Our management goal is creating company entities that are very committed. We are eager to pass down our experience and we do believe in education, to collaborate with a public that has the proper attitude in business domain. We mean a general educational path so that the company can work with competent people, who really share its strategic choices.

Being respectful towards the other people does not only honor us, it also makes us noteworthy.

Luca PrataCEO LANGA Corp. S.r.l.


Never with the dropper

LANGA has accumulated over time a variety of experience in different marketing sectors, managing to express its limiting philosophy in a way that is completely out of the ordinary standards. Our company is constantly engaged in the pursuit of customer satisfaction, trying to never limit the imagination that comes out of the mind of whoever receives or who produces the service. We had to protect ourselves by imposing limits on the use of services, to remain within the consumerist logic of the market but we tend to specify that, when possible, the limitations will never dictate the law, neither in terms of time nor in terms of quantity.

LANGA always adopts a proactive approach even in front of possible extraordinary requests made by the Customer, always in order to obtain a positive achievement of its degree of satisfaction.

After one year from works conslusion, when I asked them if we could add a new category with other products over the portfolio limits, they had no problem at all in satisfying my request.

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