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Assistance for purchases

Pre-sale guidelines

Check this section out for useful answers to questions related to any purchase of LANGA services. You are able to manage your personal information on your own in your LANGA Account personal area.

LANGA Account

What is it?

It is a profile address referring to one single person that allows you to log in and check out all LANGA services needing the authorization. LANGA Account enables you to access to different LANGA systems, APP and forms.

Great advantages

Thanks to LANGA Account you have different systems of management support on your hand. Besides, by logging into your LANGA Account you will be able to access to:

  • Control panel
  • Extended features of the front site
  • Unlocked prices for the whole site
  • Studios module, to buy digital services
  • Learn module, to access our learning platform
  • Loweb module, to create your activity’s page
  • eFruit module, to sell and buy food products
  • Hey module, to manage your collaboration program with LANGA
  • Help. module, to get immediate support
  • many more services that will help you in your work and everylife day
How do I create LANGA Account?

You may create your LANGA Account by clicking here. Fill in your email address (your future username), your phone number and any required information.

Purchases without LANGA Account

You cannot buy any service without a LANGA Account because we need your personal data, your invoice information and your consent to our Terms of use in order to fulfill your order.

Changing information in the Account

You can change username, password and tax information in your dashboard on By clicking on your username you will be redirected to your personal profile page where you can change your information.

May I have more than one Account?

No, you may not. We make sure each Account refers to all your entities (physical or legal entity).

I forgot my credentials: what shall I do?

For any problem related to your LANGA Account, we can support you in our Help platform, where you’ll find all the answers you need.

Digital services

Where may I buy LANGA services?

You can buy digital services in LANGA operating centers, in our Studios platform or via our Hey partners. We remind you our agents’ task is directing our Clients to the purchase offices only.

How do I get my Cube started?

You may get your Cube started 48 hours after the purchase. To get it started follow these simple instructions.

  • Register your new service in LANGA Account, if you have not done it yet
  • Look for the IDSI code on the box
  • Register your IDSI code in your control panel clicking on Add service

Done! We will send you an email to confirm your Cube has been activated. If you do not get any email or you get an email with negative result, please contact your commercial supervisor to solve the problem.

More information

After the activation of the service, you may have to wait from 5 to 7 working days to have your technical work taken in charge. We deal with any aspect related to the management as we believe that communication is the key to establish a good relationship between our Clients and LANGA operating centers. For any issue not related to the service, you may contact us, or visit our Help platform.

Payments and taxes


Many payment methods are available for LANGA services. You may buy our services on our Studios platform, in our Stores or from our Hey partners. All invoices are automatically created after we have confirmation the transfer has taken place only, they are sent to the certified e-mail address you’ll give us and can be downloaded with our system.

New service

Bill to: LANGA Corporation Srl
Bank: Unicredit Bank SpA
Offices: Piazza Cristo Re, Alba (CN)
ABI 02008 CAB 22502 BANK ACCOUNT 000103796280
IBAN IT18M 02008 22502 000105531088

Service renewal

Bill to: LANGA Group sas
Bank: Unicredit Bank SpA
Offices: Piazza Cristo Re, Alba (CN)
ABI 02008 CAB 22502 BANK ACCOUNT 000104701317
IBAN IT50D 02008 22502 000103796280

* some renewal services may refer to the main account

Other details

LEGAL HEAD OFFICES: Piazza IV Novembre, 4 Milano (MI) 20124
OPERATING CENTER: 37, Bra, Alba (CN) 12051


You may ask for invoices by filling in information of your company on the control panel in your LANGA Account. VAT tax in Italy is at 22%. Invoices created by and for abroad centers may not be created or have different shares in compliance with the current laws of the given Country.

Order processing

Status of the order

You may display and check your orders on the Studios platform by logging in your LANGA Account here. Moreover you can

  • Check out the status of the order
  • Track your shipment
  • Change your shipping information
  • Change your invoice information
  • Check pick-up address information
  • Check out your invoices
  • Contact Customer care support

Check out the status of your order is easy: you may display the status of the order of any digital services you buy. Check out what they look like

  • Elaboration
  • Processing
  • Ready for shipping
  • Sent
  • Delivered
  • Picked up
How do I track my shipment?

When items leave our storage center, we will send you an e-mail with the details of the courier, the expected delivery date and the tracking number (when available).

Changing or canceling an order

You can change an order till its status is displayed as Elaboration. You can also change your shipping address and cancel your order with no arrears or penalties till Processing status starts.

Returns and refunds

How to return your articles

You have the right to return products to LANGA head office within 14 working days, starting from the date of your order. To return any Cube you shall send the following details with a certified e-mail to both addresses [email protected] and [email protected]

  • IDSI code on the Cube
  • Order number as shown in your Account page
  • Account username of the buyer
  • Buyer’s Help code
  • What time suits you most for being contacted by our support
  • Eventual photos to document any manufacturing defects
  • Bank account or credit card number
  • Eventual explanation about the return reasons

After the products arrive in our storage centers and our store managers get through the evaluation, we will start the procedures for the refund. You might have to wait up to 10 work days before the transfer is displayed on your account. Delivery fees are at the expense of who asks for the return. LANGA reserves itself the right to ascribe eventual costs related to the refund at the expense of who ordered our service.