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Come here, visit us.

We promote tours for schools so that children can get in touch with our work. Supervised by us, they will have fun while working on digital projects.

Discovering LANGA

Creating together

for  a better world

Unity is strength

Students, let’s work with programs! Children from the 2nd year to the 5th year at primary school will be able to turn their own thoughts into art while creating socially advantageous projets.

For teacher

Not only students but teacher as well can take part in tours in LANGA and enjoy them. Our qualified tutors teach children how to deal with digital arts with a clear method. Check out more details about our teaching approach.

COVID-19 restrictions

We remind you that, due to the current COVID-19 situation, the visits program has changed. We guarantee access to small groups (maximum 10 people), that must be wearing face masks for all the time they will be inside our Studios.


A first approach to the digital world.


During the lessons held by our web division tutors, children acquaint with some basic techniques of development and web tools. They will able to create a web project aiming at community improvements.


Thanks to our graphic designers’ teaching, children will be able to produce some drafts including contents related to the environmental awareness.


With video editing instruments and some techniques taught by our tutors, students will challenge one another and create environmental awareness campaigns.