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UI/UX for custom projects

We will craft
what’s in your head.

%SMART is a tool that allows you to go beyond the ordinary, to design custom solutions. This type of LANGA service has been designed with your problem solving in mind, as you would do. Our team is composed by designers and web architects that will develop together a solution, starting from what you want to achieve, studying an intervention manual that contains everything you need in terms of study and research.


User Interface


User Experience

Designed for your work

We thoroughly study all the solutions taking into consideration any type of computer coding. In this way we lay the foundations to create productive flows useful to all companies that want to adopt a specific methodological work procedure for their departments or for their production process. The technical characteristics of every %SMART projects that we take do not depend on any standard but are developed following the ideational restitution that will be developed within the manual study.

Within the manual we will define development strategies and methods, supporting them with screens, functional maps, structural prototyping, tools that give an immediate idea of what you want to develop. Then, the choice is up to you. In fact, we remind you that this project only involves the creation of the manual, in the first step. Later, we will be able to follow its practical development as well, if you wish.


Analysis and manual creation


Custom coding

01. Unique

We help companies to solve their problems effectively. With %SMART we guide you towards solving your problems, always finding a versatile manual solution. We will analyze and find out what you really need for fair and commensurate IT development for your company, and then move on to visual rendering in graphical form.

02. Tailor-made

We draw up UI/UX design manuals using accurate and methodological hardware and software to define the most correct intervention solution. By means of a team of IT designers we will be able to develop tailor-made and adaptable solutions, which will help both your company in management and your customers in IT operations.

03. No blocks

If you decide to rely on us to continue further with the actual development of the manual, we will activate different design, programming and test teams. Starting from what was expressed during the drafting of the manual, they will not limit themselves only to a development, but they’ll also guide you step by step towards a totally tailor-made answer that will make the difference in terms of technical components and technologies adopted.

UX design

Native APP development with intuitive user interfaces

Admin UI

IT back-office development with versatile technologies

Technologies that we master


UI/UX study and analysis

The manual, first. Then we program it.

We decided to design a specific Cube for UI/UX study and analysis

Over time we have increased our experience in the management development of web design, analyzing the problems of use in web applications and IT systems by multiple types of users. Thanks to all this, we have been able to create a product that allows our customers to always evaluate their business needs in the best possible way.

With %SMART, the Customer will have the opportunity to analyze all the visual programming steps, with the development of a special manual and expert advice from a dedicated technical team.

Business consulting

Get in touch with one of our department heads to find the right solution for you

We are made up of a large number of professionals who will help you find the solution you are looking for. We decide to dedicate ourselves entirely to our customers, in order to give them the best advice.

UI/UX manual

Before moving from words to deeds, LANGA Studios prefer to create a technical manual to define every single aspect of the project.

Go to the product

Included tools

No %SMART Cube has a basic list of tools. It is in fact designed and characterized solely on the basis of the Design Manual and our working method.

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