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We are digital artists
for a new world.

We do this through websites, graphic works and digital services. Trust a team of professionals for your digital creations.


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Creative design

The Cubes – Graphics for printing

%PRINT takes care of enhancing the characteristics of your company and high […]

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In the digital world, printing still has a lot of weight, and we support it with high-level creations. We use graphic processing and photo insertion programs to create projects in vector format ready to be printed on any type of support.


We create,
you decide.

Before arriving at the final result, we take care of the creation of three different proposals, which we insert in 3D environments to simulate the practical application of the developed objects. You will decide what the final result will be.


This is a project dedicated to the most ambitious companies that want to make the most of the potential of digital arts, showing themselves with style.

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We provide support to all those who need help to navigate the LANGA world. If you have a problem, a difficulty or a simple question, our support division is here for you.