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Policies of transparency, everywhere.

We have chosen a policy that would allow us to represent our true being, our simple and sincere lifestyle. By using a communication with total transparency on everything we produce, the Customer is and will always be fully aware of everything he buys. We based our sales on this concept.

Where, how, when and why we produce digital services in a certain way is and will always be publicly described, in order to respect our ethical values of transparency. We are not ashamed to point out that our services are more expensive than others, highlighting them not only for technical quality but attributing an added value derived from our attention to many global problems in which we are often actively engaged in resolving them.

Our services show all the features that compose them already directly on the site in order that they can be representative of your real desire to purchase them just from the first time you observe them, without ever deceiving you with ridiculous price arrangements.

Being part of LANGA means accepting the company's strategic policies and not adding a simple supplier to the company register.

If you have chosen to write to us, below you can find the list of LANGA e-mail contacts and their relative use, in order not to mistake division, department or project.

E-mails for the project management

General information department
information for general questions about our services and this Firm

Administration department
Information about fiscal activities from and for the services

Technical department
information about technical activities from and for the services

Business department
information about promotional activities from and for the services

Hey project
system E-mail, Hey Retailer project

E-mails for the management of human and digital resources

Human resources department
information about the management of human resources

Developers management department
information about any development activities (human resources unit)

Artists management department
information about any artistic activities (human resources unit)

Department for project support and development
information about any technical activities from and for this Firm

Legal administrative department
information about any administration activities of this Firm

Department for the management of media data and advertising
information about any advertising activities from and for this Firm

Official E-mails of systems modules

easy LANGA, for your business
system e-mail, easy module

Learning, for your education
system e-mail, Learning module

Online Store
system e-mail, Store module

Worldwide news
system e-mail, News module

System general e-mails

GOD e-mail
informations coming from our Admin

System e-mail
information coming from our System

Test e-mail
information coming from the test responder

No reply e-mail
support e-mail to send communications people do not have to reply to

Certified e-mail

Company PEC e-mail
LANGA Group snc certified e-mail

Company PEC e-mail
LANGA Corp. S.r.l. certified e-mail