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But how is a %EXHIBITION managed?

Nowadays we are able to automate everything thanks to the non-stop developments our R&D unit achieves, but we do not feel ready for this and we do not know if we will be ready in future.
We invented our Method to make our machineries help us in solving problems related to repetitions and keeping human value as central as possible in aesthetic and functional parts that are supposed to move the users.

How we work

We design your architectonic spaces to enable you to show how strong your company is on the market. Our close-knit team of architects works hard to show you the winning idea your showroom needs: we not only sketch the solutions but we also bring them to the very construction.

Production flow

Modeling, virtual rendering, mock-up and dynamic commercials are just a few among all digital technologies we make the most of for the analysis of your architectonic spaces. Every project is accomplished by using software and instrumental components ad hoc and unique stylistic trends too. Here as well, easy is the tool we use to control the progress of the project.



according to the demands of the Client and including techniques of architectonic display


eco-friendly materials are our first choice*

Visual materials

large selection of tactile finishings


focused, rectilinear and scattered

Graphic design

glass decals, wall stickers


integrated to design


object design, artistic management, site production



When the installation is temporary, we do our best to enable the re-use of the structures we designed.



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Set up time



€ n.d.

Set up Assistance

When you buy our %EXHIBITION service you are entitled to 150 days of free assistance, called Set up, to develop a project meeting your demands. Click here to have much information about Set up assistance by LANGA.
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If you want your assistance to last longer you shall ask for our Customer care, as an optional service, to extend your Set up. By additional assistance beyond regular service period we mean a technical support of first intervention, ready to help you within 60 minutes after you inform us about any issues.

Warranty and safety

The limited warranty is offered by producers: we offer you our limited warranty beyond the limits dictated by the Consumer code. LANGA guarantees its services will have no production defects for 2 years after the purchase. LANGA guarantees you will have no problem in visualize your code and any additional costs in this 2-year period as we relentlessly control our services do not have any eventual defects depending on browser upgrades or connections to external platforms.

LANGA Customer care assistance is available even when the Set up is over. Customer care supports you in case of personal and/or business safety. Our Customer care is free only in case of issues while logging in LANGA Account or if it was bought as an extensive option.

What does one CUBE include?

  • One handbook
  • One Warranty and Safety book
  • One pen made of plastic and paper
  • Two reduction coins
  • Your %EXHIBITION service card

%EXHIBITION : green ideas

LANGA architects put all their passion in designing the projects and they ponder over the straight use and any solutions for the re-use. By choosing %EXHIBITION for your company exhibit you make clear you believe in our eco-friendly policies about the proper re-use of the materials and the items of the display project.

Eco-friendly LANGA

We always consider the impact of our choices in all the projects we take care of. We look for any eco-friendly solutions that allow us to offer high-quality services and protect the environment at the same time.


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