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But how is a %DIGITAL managed?

Nowadays we are able to automate everything thanks to the non-stop developments our R&D unit achieves, but we do not feel ready for this and we do not know if we will be ready in future.
We invented our Method to make our machineries help us in solving problems related to repetitions and keeping human value as central as possible in aesthetic and functional parts that are supposed to move the users.

How we work

We think out what your graphic outfit should look like and we make the most of all our cutting-edge technologies to provide you with a unique design. Our graphic team gives its best to make the features of your company blossom.

Production flow

There is no standard procedure for this kind of service. Every single project is entrusted to a team of creative graphic designers who develop right on the spot, making the most of their long-time experience in graphic design domain. We take into account all stylistic trends in order to create unique and cutting-edge services no one can compare to the regular graphic design. Here as well, easy is the tool we use to control the progress of the project.



contemporary and developed according to your business needs


vivid and bright

Graphic design

raster with jpg, png and pdf


integrated to design


personalized fonts

  • logo graphic design
  • mockup graphic design
  • digital presentation
  • signature graphic design
  • raster graphic design of flyers



Layered files



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Set up time



€ 1.590,00



Set up Assistance

When you buy our %DIGITAL service you are entitled to 60 days of free assistance, called Set up, to develop a project meeting your demands.
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If you want your assistance to last longer you shall ask for our Customer care, as an optional service, to extend your Set up. By additional assistance beyond regular service period we mean a technical support of first intervention, ready to help you within 60 minutes after you inform us about any issues.

Warranty and safety

The limited warranty is offered by producers: we offer you our limited warranty beyond the limits dictated by the Consumer code. LANGA guarantees its services will have no production defects for 2 years after the purchase. LANGA guarantees you will have no problem in visualize your code and any additional costs in this 2-year period as we relentlessly control our services do not have any eventual defects depending on browser upgrades or connections to external platforms.

LANGA Customer care assistance is available even when the Set up is over. Customer care supports you in case of personal and/or business safety. Our Customer care is free only in case of issues while logging in LANGA Account or if it was bought as an extensive option.

What does one CUBE include?

  • One handbook
  • One Warranty and Safety book
  • One pen made of plastic and paper
  • Two reduction coins
  • Your %DIGITAL service card


We remind you LANGA is committed to social causes, for example helping needy people, and environmental causes. By choosing a %DIGITAL package you choose to share our charity campaigns and contribute to them.

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Read more about LANGA Donor program here.


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