Dynamic website

Dynamic website

Dynamic, for your management.

Great results

Dynamic websites by LANGA stand out as the best of graphic performance of our Studios as they move any observers thanks to the dynamism of their elements and their usability. Our web designers design %WEB to perfectly fit for any big companies that look for an online promotion of high quality.

The technicians edit the code of the dynamic website respecting the current design canons and the Clients’ needs in order to provide a site that is both aesthetically beautiful and functional.

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For your representation


A professional photo shoot, developed to demonstrate the qualities of your reality


For an extra gear

Front-end developers

For personalized programming of web pages with dynamic elements and great aesthetic character

How we work

When you ask for a personalized service through our %WEB packages you choose to have your website created by computer and web design experts, who are at your disposal with advanced computer technologies.

Production flow

Overtime we have shaped different kinds of layout for websites and we are proud to say that all our products have been created according to our Clients’ business and their marketing needs. The production flow is managed and controlled by the various parties through the LANGA Account and  the TheCubes App.

How do we manage %WEB packages?

To date we are able to automate practically everything thanks to the developments made by our R&D department, but we do not feel ready to do it and we do not know if we will ever be.
We have invented a special method to allow the machines to help us solve the problems related to repetitiveness, keeping the centrality of the human factor unchanged on the aesthetic and functional parts that must excite the user.

You will find our methodological procedure for %WEB below:

  • direct or indirect purchase

    You are allowed to buy our %WEB Cubes on our online Store, through our authorized retailers or in authorized retail stores only.

  • product registration and service addition in your LANGA Account

    By using your Cube you are able to register your service on your own on your LANGA Account personal area. After registering your service with your IDSI you have to wait from 5 to 7 workdays to respect the project line preceding your registration.

  • beginning of the Set up

    After you confirm your IDSI code, your Set up starts. It enables you to interact with our business technical team to start creating your %WEB.

  • creation of a work team dealing with your project plan

    We arrange a work team that must take into account technical, business and administrative details of the Client.

  • contact with one of our marketing experts

    You develop your own ideas with our marketing expert and you keep track of the service timeline and the digital and communication material you exchange with our technical team.

  • taking charge of your site manufacturing by our technical team

    The team in charge of your project works out with you a strategy that meets all your demands and current design trends.

  • beginning of the application test development

    We develop a stylistic demo so that you can check out what we have done so far.

  • first revision, online or in person

    During this revision we shape new presentation ideas, we correct the demo and we suggest you some suitable solutions. We can also set the notice of access to the user panel to let you check your site any time and any place you want.

  • structure

    Our technical team shapes the structure of your dynamic website in order to meet your demands about the graphic design and the functions and develops a precise project plan for the whole sitemap.

  • modifications and integrations

    We interpolate the graphic elements with the coded structure that we corrected basing on the demands you pointed out during the revision.

  • second revision, online or in person

    During this last revision you tell us what you think about the product created by our graphic designers.

  • modifications and aesthetic match

    Our technical team add to the code what designers developed.

  • tests

    We test the dynamic site to make sure it is fast and it can connect to the database in the right way.

  • third revision, online or in person

    During this third revision we show you what we have done, to check it for potential technical mistakes or to make the final changes/implementations.

  • modification and ultimate consolidation

    Thanks to the exchange of opinions between the Client and the marketing team we are able to meet your last demands and consolidate the code before it comes out on the web.

  • uploading on the web

    After dismantling the provisional sections and the graphic test solutions, the code we developed and corrected is finally uploaded.

Dynamic website development

customized according to the characteristics of the company, for a presentation of the products/services provided

Front-end layout

solid, soft and dynamic


raster and vector with jpg, png, pdf, ico, static svg and dwg


via composer

Internal structure

provided by the client


web structure management for a foreign language


  • blog section
  • contact form
  • search bar
  • social share


  • images provided by the customer
  • technical post-production
  • photographic service at the company for structure, staff and product macro categories. A separated quote must be made for travel, room and board of the photographic team
  • web integration


Google fonts and custom fonts


html5, css3, php and javascript

  • image slider
  • image gallery
  • portfolio section with categorized ajax filtering
  • website seo data structuring
  • Google map integration
  • Google My Business card creation
  • automatic e-mail creation and thank you page for website form

Hardware & software

host on dedicated srv space

IT system

1 for 1 application


  • 5GB for application
  • 1GB for e-mail


Let's encrypt installation

Security certificate

Wordpress CMS or Drupal CMS











Control tool

  • file management
  • backup up to 30 days
  • rewrite for hide code
  • e-mail forwarding server
  • web url redirects
  • automatic replies
  • e-mail filters
  • php MyAdmin
  • MySQL database
  • Cloudflare
  • CSS and Js minify

Managed tools

access to the CMS for media management, post categories, promos and blog articles

Manageable tools

  • e-mail configuration
  • automatic response programming
  • e-mail delisting

Post-development assistance

E-mail technologies

up to 10 mailboxes

E-mail creation

up to 150/hour per domain

Outgoing e-mails

antivirus and spam filter


remote or direct control


phone or app assistance



refurbishing operation through the Spray product for total restyling or minor updates via technical intervention




Front-end developers



Methods and timing

direct through face-to-face reviews, remotely and via e-mail

Communication with the team

within the above-listed parameters

Development, hardware, software and e-mail

issued in limited form to the customer for the website's blog section management. The technical department will monitor for the resolution of any safety problem

Application management

25 days

Service activation

120 days

Set up

Legal information


Web development property

development of a dedicated page and information banner insertion


information on the use of collected data provided by the customer

Data treatment


Responsible for processing


Owner of the processing

Price list

Price for development

€ 450,00/year starting from the 2nd year

Renewal mantainance

Additional integrations

  • professional publishing for texts and concepts
  • social promotion
  • sponsorship management
  • SSL certificate upgrade
  • product photo shoot
  • seo intervention for some keywords
  • extension of the photographic intervention
  • Google Ads campaign management
  • link to statistical tool
  • manageable application development for Event Calendar
  • manageable application development for Reservations
  • manageable Application Development for Appointments
  • manageable application development for digital menu
  • manageable application development for Timeline
  • eCommerce structure preparation
  • web management and professional website graphics


  • %PRINT Creative design
  • %VIDEO Video editing
  • %FILM Your video series
  • Seoftner be the 1st on Google

Other products

Set up for development

When you buy our %WEB service you are entitled to 120 days of technical assistance for the development of the application, called Set up. You will need it to help our technical team to develop a project that is in line with your real needs. If you wish to extend the your project’s development period, beyond the Set up, you can request a further extension from our Customer care assistance.

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Post-development assistance

At the end of the Set up period, our technical department will continue to monitor your application for the entire period it is hosted in our protected server space. Our support acts free of charge for issues related to access problems to a LANGA Account or server intrusion.

In any case, the assistance support is always ready to react in case of urgency for problems related to personal and/or company safety.

For additional assistance or technical support management, active within 30 minutes of your report, for abuse or client data management, we recommend that you make a specific request here.

Digital warranty

The limited warranty is offered by us, beyond the limits dictated by the Consumer code.

LANGA guarantees that its service will be free from manufacturing defects for 2 years from the purchase date, ensuring that during this period of time the correct display of your code will be efficient, constantly checking the service provided, to look for any defects depending on browser updates or links to external platforms.

What does a Cube include?

  • IDSI for management through the TheCubes App
  • A handbook to start your journey with us
  • Warranty and Safety books
  • A pen made of paper
  • 1 Lega for discount on our web products
  • 1 Lega for discount or Donor

Eco-friendly %WEB

Our services are designed to meet the demands of Clients who share our ideas of energy saving and environmental sustainability, in all their forms. If you choose a %WEB package you want to be as eco-friendly as your %WEB site is. Your dynamic site depends on VHardware machines, that got certifications attesting their great energy saving ability.

Eco-friendly LANGA

Read more about our efforts in reducing the environmental impact of our services, for both creation and maintenance, by clicking here.

%WEb - Sito web dinamico

Beauty is in graphic design

A resolution that stands out for your business presentation. We calibrate our projects’ graphic design to meet your needs, using raster and vector images. All this to provide a functional and pleasant to look at product.

Raster and vector

Eye-catching design

The graphics are processed in raster and vector format to best complement your dynamic website

Simplified back-office

Management versatility

The CMS credentials are used to facilitate the approach to the website management system

The code edited for the %WEB package is worked directly on Full HD video terminals, to ensure a well-structured and adaptable presentation on the latest generation screens.

We work our layouts in full-width format to fill the screen area as much as possible and involve more intensely in consulting the website.


We create our code carrying out the current trends to help you show your company with a cutting-edge equipment and the most advanced technological tools. Thanks to our dynamic tools we have been able to launch into the marketplace our %WEB dynamic package, a professional and responsive tool you need to present yourself in your professional world and to be second to none. We create the code using development technologies such as html5, css3, php and codes from js family.


You can also manage some structural and application parts of your website, in total independence, such as: news, calendar, …


PageSpeed, Cloudflare, Cache and DB SSD are just some of the tools available to the application to grant greater response speed.


We want the presentation of our dynamic sites to be as fast and intuitive for everyone as possible, for both who looks at it and who uses it. You will be able to manage on your own and in a fast way the news you want to edit from your back-end panel with no code access, just as a visual editor. We created a set of basic visualization elements that are really functional and we matched them with some intuitive aesthetic types to make your presentation stand out, compared to the medium/high level presentation you find on the market.


We have thought about a brand new aesthetics for the narrowings of the devices so that our responsive technology provides you with one interface only and does not limit itself to usability characteristics. You will be able to show your products or services to your clients with the greatest professionalism and attention to detail, but also with an outstanding emotional impact. Thanks to %WEB you will have a presentation made directly for your company, to interact with the most strict public in a unique way.

HD Photos

The graphics of %WEB projects are created to meet your business presentation needs. The use of raster and vector images and a dedicated photographic service will allow us to provide you with a product that will make a difference for you.

Read the Technical Card
%WEB - Sito web dinamico

Tools included

Each %WEB dynamic site includes a set of tools to provide you with an high quality professional service.


    1,0 vCPU | 1GB vRam

    Maintenance of the web application code creation. Domain renewal with hosting, mail and DB cleaning and/or maintenance. Configure mail on the mail client.


    CSS3.0 | HTML5 | JS

    Creation of a code and/or a design for the pages, integration of the Visual "C" elements, typographic settings (css and html technology).


    Images slider

    Creation of a panel for dynamic photo scrolling: insertion of images with movements and typographic elements.



    Creation of a panel for dynamic photo scrolling: insertion of images with movements and typographic elements [...]



    Fundamental step for the website searchability in the SERPs. Creation of snippets related to the content of the page with insertions of [...]



    Google Map Code incorporated into the website with the color and/or style reinterpretation and with the Google my Business report.


    Products/services filtering

    Dynamic AJAX code for simple products and/or services filtering (without differentiated url generator) through taxonomies set on the website.



    Execution and post-production of the photographic service on site for structure, staff and product macro-categories, with post-production and insertion on the web [...]


    Google My Business

    Creation of a Google my Business card with data entry, with communication to the Maps positioning department and with [...]



    Development of a list of company sales elements using the php template technology that creates diversified url strings for the consultation of the single final products. [...]


    Personal interface

    Visual management [5] to update the interactive environment of the website through the reserved area.


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Discover our learning program

1. With raster image, where raster stands for grid, we mean images made up of real grids, in which each box is represented by a pixel. More pixels arranged next to each other form an image and, consequently, the more pixels an image contains, the higher the resolution and visual quality of the image. On the contrary, vector images use geometric shapes (lines, points and even polygons) and this feature ensures that the resolution is always the same, no matter the size that the image reaches. Extremely powerful software is required for this type of graphics. We use a skilful blend of these two techniques to provide you with a unique and visually satisfying product.

2. Our %WEB is dynamic because, in addition to the classic development technologies such as html, css and javascript used to create the foundations of the website, it also includes a cms panel, acronym for content management system, which facilitates the management of the site’s contents. The owners of a %WEB will therefore be able to manage some of the contents of their website, for example by publishing or editing news or adding files to the media folder, after logging in to the reserved area. The advantage of management through cms lies in its great ease of use, so much so that even those who have no programming skills are able to make the most of a dynamic site.

3. %WEB is fast because, on the one hand, it enables the manager user to manage it in a very easy and intuitive way, with no need for an external intermediary thanks to its dynamicity and, on the other hand, it allows users to enjoy browsing from the aesthetical and the functional point of view.

4. %WEB packages are emotional because, while developing sites, we work hard to let the user client be very involved in your dynamic presentation site. We consider with great attention the responsive technology we are going to attribute to your site, in order to make it fit for any devices and share the emotion content coming from the dynamicity of the site itself and its ability in interacting with the users.

5. LANGA offers its customers the possibility of visual management without code for% WEB: the author user is able to manage some sections of his/her %WEB Dynamic website without having to modify the web code itself, so that publication and any changes the platform are within the reach of non-programmers.

6. While %WEB dynamic websites are developed, LANGA allows the Clients to view the work in progress through some back-end panels. Our Clients can control the progress easily, any time and any place but they are not allowed to make any change on their own.

7. LANGA Method is what we are most proud of and defining this Method was by far, and still is, the most demanding task we will ever face. In fact our Method is all-round, since it does not deal with technical aspects only, but it concerns everything related to LANGA. The first word that comes to our mind when we try to explain what the Method stands for is passion: the passion with which we work every day and we invest ourselves into all projects. However, there is no way passion can be enough, though it is strong, if we aim to constantly offer highly efficient services, so our passion always comes along with the greatest care to details, the very care and precision by which we make sure our Clients get satisfaction from our works when they finally use them. But still, these two words cannot describe LANGA Method as properly as we wish, even though they are so meaningful, and this is why we would like to add to the list the idea of accuracy that distinguishes us. As far from being a synonym of rigidity as possible, our accuracy leads all our decisions about production, in particular in our quest for eco-friendly materials and in our social and environmental missions: this accuracy helps us continue our choices, no matter how difficult or demanding they might be. That is it, the keys to get into LANGA Method and word are passion, care and accuracy.

8. LANGA Set up is the period of time -120 days for %WEB- during which LANGA explains to its Clients what the functions are for, how they work and what particular characteristics the product they bought has and, above anything else, LANGA helps Clients use their %WEB dynamic websites at their best.