Activation boost

We boost your work.

Therefore we make it better.

We created easy, a tool that will help you in your everyday’s business. If you need a boost in your digital projects, easy is the service that suits you.

We always have one goal, that is helping workers in their business. We do that with solutions, projects and softwares that improve our productivity.

A step forward for your projects.

Add technical figures to your project to ensure an acceleration of the work, to have your digital works in less time. We operate by means of an advanced management software, that is easy, which help us in managing big and complex projects with the right technical figures. We are always committed in giving you the best of our teams.

Faster times never mean poor quality. On the contrary, for us speeding up the timing does not only mean delivering the work to you first, but above all it means adding specialized figures that will take care of the project from start to end. From outside it will always seem easy, but it’s not quite like that.


The management system that makes us fast. Thanks to it we are able to get more technicians on our projects and completing the tasks in the shortest possible time.

In your cart you’ll find also the delivery boost options, do it faster with us.

We do it faster.

We have always preferred facts to words. Thanks to the help of our internal management software for the technical departments, we can have more technical power and expertise for your work. You will not have to worry about anything, we will be precise and efficient by reducing the times. Because we love simple things.

Enjoy your waiting. Fancy a game?

While we work on your project, relax yourself and have fun with one of our games. We developed few funny games to entertain you, in the meantime we’ll give oyur maximum to speed up your work.

We will speed up your project always thinking about quality.

Our clients have their say

“Their team was very fast. They reduced the delivery time a lot, and since it was an urgent job for me it was a godsend!”

Michelangelo PalladinoClient

“At first I was a bit skeptical. In short, haste is never a good thing. But then I realized that for them reducing the times is equivalent to expanding the team. And the result was truly remarkable, fast and precise.”

Elena MurgiaClient

“I needed to get a website out in no time, they had higher lead times that I couldn't meet ... but I didn't want to give up their style. Thanks to easy I got what I was looking for, and in less time.”

Sebastiano Di DomenicoCliente