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Art and Italy, an indissoluble combination.

Web and graphic
designers. For you.

For over 10 years, our company has been working in the web field to create a new type of digital art, tailored to the customer. With every effort we put into our work we aim at offering the right digital look to our customers, always starting from everyone’s needs.

We operate in U.S.A. for you.

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Graphic outfit and brand identity

Here’s your new face.

Through the use of advanced graphic processing softwares, we will create a new graphic layout for your company, developing three demo proposals and choosing with you the one that best suits your business. The raster and vector design allows us to have a wide range of options to develop a state of the art product.

It’s all here.
All you need.

Logo and of the accompanying elements graphics are made in vector format, the creation of business cards and brochures is always in raster format. With this product we will completely revolutionize your digital identity.

We design it.
Then we make it happen.

A product that deals with developing projects for printing, based on the customer’s communication and printing needs. Through graphic processing and photo insertion programs, we will provide you vector creations ready for printing, according to your needs.

We create.
You decide.

We create three different proposals to be submitted for the final result, always supported by virtual simulations in 3D environments to simulate the practical application of the objects we developed. You will decide what the final result will be.

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We work with 25 Countries

LANGA is a reality that covers all areas of the digital world. If you want to carry out a particular project with us, visit our international website.

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We are here for you. If you need to speak to us to describe your project, contact us now.