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Галактика is our space. Worlds are your services.

We inform you that in your Country some of our services could be more slow that normal way.

16k+ users (all LANGA’s Worlds)

We create tools to simplify people’s lives, we put our skills at the service of society.

We are here for your business.

A set of services designed for companies, which can find all the necessary tools for their business. Our services have a series of tools dedicated to small, medium and large companies. Let's shape the future together with companies, let's sculpt it together.

Available now
  • Personalized and bespoke development of 200+ professional digital products
  • Specialized teams by sector
  • Web, graphics, social media, video and 15 other categories that can be visited
  • Unencrypted price list for users
  • Autonomous online consultation and purchase
  • Advisory support for guidance
  • Collectible Cashback
  • “I pay to receive” purchasing system
Only in English
  • Report of your finished project
  • Content developed via video
  • Distribution of the project story
  • Dedicated page on a high rank platform
  • Vote from 1 to 10 sworn by experts only
  • It can only be activated if you have purchased a TheCubes from Studios
  • Payment by means of creation and distribution plans