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Have you purchased a TheCubes product? At the end of the technical work you can decide whether to let us tell your project’s Story to the world. By means of the skills of the technical teams we will produce ad hoc content to describe in detail the purchase of your professional digital product. So, start with your Story content and then distribute it with our platform.

Video, graphic e web things

Content creation

On the basis of the plan you have chosen, we will create specific contents in which we will tell step by step the project we have developed together, always by means of videos, images and interviews.


Each Story derives from a TheCubes product and each product gives you the opportunity to be present on our high-ranking platform. We will reshare and advertise your TheCubes project on our main communication channels to show your ambitious corporate soul.

Upload testimoniance

Upload your corporate video testimonial independently by telling us about your experience with the TheCubes marketing project. After approval of the video you will also get 100 Leghe (Cashback) LANGA Studios.

Upload your selfy video

Upload your testimoniance

Some testimoniance

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How does it works?

TheCubes is a LANGA Studios’circuit dedicated to the most ambitious companies that want to make the most of all the potential of digital, showing themselves with style.


This is a project dedicated to the most ambitious companies that want to make the most of the potential of digital arts, showing themselves with style.