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eFruit was born from a simple idea, that is to bring the atmosphere of the physical store online, with direct contact between producer and consumer. Each vendor can open his own shop page and find new customers, while consumers have a much wider choice.

This platform allows producers and consumers to meet in a digital marketplace, where security and quality are always the main priorities.

Not just a brand,
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eFruit is a completely ambivalent platform, the benefits of which are evident for both consumers and producers. Bakers, pastry chefs, greengrocers, butchers, but also fishmongers, beverage manufacturers; this is the opportunity to directly reach your customers and meet new ones.

Being on eFruit as a producer means putting an extra gear, having the possibility to expand and consolidate the quality of your goods by sending them directly to the customer.

Enzo BaroneVendor

We protect buyers

Why rely on online buying? This service is specially designed for those who, as they are unable to move from home for various reasons, or they want to continue to get products from their favorite producers or shops on their table. eFruit puts producers in direct contact with their customers, to bring online the atmosphere of a physical store. Relying on eFruit therefore means making yourself available to a platform that guarantees absolute security in payments and transactions. All you need is a simple LANGA Account.

We support tradition

We come from Italy, which has always been recognized around the world as the cradle of good food and healthy eating. Supporting producers means fueling the traditions and food culture we inherited from our ancestors. We have created eFruit to stand alongside those who produce quality.

One account, to do everything.

Everything is managed through our LANGA Account. Whether you are a vendor or a consumer, you’ll just have to log in with your account and specify your role. The platform will guide you in everything you need to know.

Security and versatility

With LANGA Account, all your data are secure and protected. You’ll just need one account to log in into our different platforms and services. We make things easier, to let you explore more.


We’ll never store your payment details, but we will partner up with secure encryption methods in order to make your transactions safe in every LANGA platform you’ll use.

Your market, at home.

Our clients have their say

“I bought bottles of wine online, I've never done that before. They were very kind and the support intervened at the slightest problem. Really satisfied.”

Matthias OliverClient

“Thanks to eFruit I was able to expand my network, reaching customers who did not yet know my business.”

Emanuele PiazzaVendor

“I was looking for a portal where I can safely sell the fruits of my work. eFruit was the winning choice, I easily reach my customers and I have never had problems with payments.”

Laura PortVendor

Food marketplace

shopping from home.

eFruit is a portal that allows food producers and consumers to meet in a digital marketplace, where safety and quality are the main priorities.