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Always by your side. We’re here for you.

You are never left alone. Our support is always there to help, and now it has its own platform. Here you will find all the information you need, and if you need to talk with an expert, you’ll have all the tools to reach us.

A support always close to you.

When you purchase a service, everything matters, especially the support service. We went beyond, setting up an all-new platform where users can find a customer care service always ready to help. Our clients have always the most various questions, and we want to be the most fast and effective to answer them.

An attentive team is ready to help you in any part of your path with LANGA. Don’t be afraid and turn to us if you have even the slightest problem, we will be very happy to help you. Not only this is what an ambitious company would do, but we care a lot about our clients, so this platform is the logic consequence of how we want to help everyone.

Our support platform

You’ll never browse alone.

We think that our user should always be at the center of our attention. We will follow him in every step of his adventure with LANGA and we will always be ready to support whoever needs our help for any service.

24/7 support

No worries, we’ll always have your back.

We will always be there, through our FAQ section or our direct support. If you need an immediate intervention, our technicians will connect remotely to your device to help you in the best possible way and solve any problem.

Need help?

We are here, always.

Our support acts through different methods and teams. Every request you make will be evaluated from our team and managed in the best way possible. We want to offer a solution that will always meet your needs, any day and at any time.

Remote intervention

Our technicians will help you by connecting to your device to solve your problem. Active on working days.

Phone support

Leave us your number, we will call you back to understand your problem and help you. Active on working days.

FAQ section

This section contains all the questions we hear most frequently. Give it a look before anything else. Active 24/7.

We will always listen to your voice.

Our clients have their say

“Their support was able to help me quickly and with few questions. It was enough to get me to call back and they got to work. I am really satisfied with the speed of their intervention.”

Carlo BonomoClient

“I often surf late at night due to the time zone, so I can't contact support, but via the FAQ section, which is very full of information, I don't need to ask anything!”

Daniel Lo TurcoClient

“They intervened remotely on my PC, it was enough to let them mess around for half an hour and my login problem was solved. Really professional.”

Nicole SalimeniClient

If you need our experts to advice you about any problem that arose during your experience with one of our services, you can rely on our official platform for support.

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