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Over time we have greatly improved our talent in using digital techniques and we have increased our experience, and we shared it in our Course project.

We wanted to go beyond that. We think that out there there are millions of people that want to share their knowledge and as many who want to learn new things. We decided to support them by creating a marketplace where anyone can sell his knowledge and follow other people’s courses. There are no limits to learning, what really matters is the will of each of us.

Assemble your classroom

Spread your expertise

Our Learn marketplace embraces all categories. If you acquired specific skills and you want to share them with the world, here you will have the possibility to set up your courses and start your classes, with the possibility to monetize.

This is your time

We created our platform so that you can spread your knowledge about any subject that you like. Just set up your course, decide your lessons and chapters, and get ready to teach your class.

It’s up to you

You will decide the duration, the number of lessons, the rates and the modalities. Everything will be organized through a secure, easy and intuitive platform that will help you in organizing your course and managing your contacts and payments.

Make way for new notions

Search in our marketplace and find the courses most suited to your cultural needs. On Learn you can find different subjects and teachers, everyone with their own method and competences. You’ll just have to choose the one that you prefer.

There’s always something

The best thing about Learn is that each student can choose their own path, which can be customized to their liking by selecting subjects and teachers. Let yourself be guided by your desire to learn, whether it’s something you want to deepen or a new area you want to explore. There is always something we don’t know, we just have to find out what it is.

Your own school

There is so many knowledge out there that everyone wants to have. But in this process, things are built brick after brick. Choose the course with the level that best suits you and start a new journey by discovering a subject that you never studied before, or concentrate on elaborating some notions that you already have.

Don’t set limits.

There is nothing you cannot teach or learn on the Learn platform. Don’t be held back, delve into new areas or create a course that no one takes. Your experience can be useful to others, think about it.

If you are a person with wide horizons and a great desire to get involved in new things, Learn will be able to help you find new areas to explore, perhaps completely different from what you are used to doing now. Don’t limit yourself to just one subject, maybe there is a passion out there that you haven’t discovered yet.

Learn with us

We are also on Learn platform with a selection of our digital learning courses. If you want to follow our qualified teacher, just search us on Learn.

Make your way into the digital world.

Our students have their say

“I learned a lot of things I didn't know about philosophy. The teacher was very nice and helpful, and now I'm ready to try my hand at the next level!”

Arianna LescaniClient

“I bought this course for my grandfather, to whom we bought a pc and had to learn how to use it. We are very satisfied and he was very happy.”

Riccardo PorzioClient

“Sometimes you think you know everything, with a lot of presumption, and then enrolling in a course almost for fun you realize that it is not. Very prepared and helpful teachers, I learned things about subjects that I always took for granted.”

Ivan GarelliClient

We support people who want to learn digital arts to feel comfortable with today’s representation techniques, to always keep up with the times.

You never stop learning.

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We develop your idea
We develop your idea
We develop your idea
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