Your online presence

Your own web page.

With everything you need.

We have developed a web portal to allow small businesses to have a completely manageable web page to revolutionize their web presence.

Loweb is a project dedicated to micro enterprises and their digital development. It will allow you to build your new web page in a simple way, without too many obstacles and at an affordable price, to support your business with useful and important functions.

Start a new web adventure

Since we created our very first service, we had one thing very clear, namely that we have to think about everyone. There are a lot of activities out there that don’t have their own website because they can’t afford it, or they don’t think they need it. Since we believe that anyone can be on the web, we thought and developed this service. Web is for everyone who believes in it.

Loweb is a directory-organized platform that provides small companies with useful tools to promote themselves and expand their business. Users can manage reservations, rental, hourly booking and a lot of important features that are suitable for their activity. Registration is free and without any extra costs, unless you want to improve your visibility with our tools.

Highlight your features

With Loweb, everything is easier and immediate. If you need a simple but stylish page to present yourself online, this is what we do. You will be able to manage your own page, decide the features you want to highlight and personalize your information, so that your Loweb page represents your activity at its best.

All the right tools

We offer a wide selection of tools to improve your presentation, which you can manage from your user area. If you have to manage bookings, chats, maps, notifications and more, with a completely personal dashboard which will provide you with all the information you need.

Everyone can be on the web, with the right approach.

Our clients have their say

“Thanks to this tool I can manage the reservations of my restaurant, it is very simple and comfortable to use!”

Eugenio SpadaClient

“Loweb helped me get known around when I opened my newsstand, it was really helpful”

Arianna BorsariClient

“A very useful tool to manage the reservations of my two places, really a big help for me as I am always distracted!”

Umberto GirolamiCliente

Loweb is a service dedicated to all those small businesses looking for an online presentation that stands out for its style and ease of use, to be managed in person.