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With the right tools, everyone can aspire to great things.

We create tools to simplify people’s lives, we put our skills at the service of society.

Creative GALAXY

We are here for your company

A set of services designed for companies, which can find all the necessary tools for their business. Our Studios have a series of services dedicated to small, medium and large companies, up to The Cubes, products in which we activate our most specialized teams.

We make available what we are, our experience and our skills for all those entities that believe in the potential of digital. We look to the future together with companies.

Available now
  • Marketing tools development
  • Activate your team
  • Marketing courses
  • Wide target
  • Configurable products

Available now
  • Collaboration program
  • B2B partnership
  • Dedicated advantages
  • Scalability possibilities
  • Levels-based program

Available now
  • Business consulting included
  • Web, graphics and video projects
  • Marketing tools development
  • Expert technicians

Available now
  • Boost your projects
  • Enlarge the teams
  • Faster activation
  • Pairable with TheCubes
  • Same quality, shorter timing
Business GALAXY

We help you in your sales

Our services and applications help you in your business by offering spaces and features to help you in your journey and in the relationship with your customers. Rely on our tools and functionalities implemented by our teams to boost your sales.

We know that products don’t sell themselves. We don’t have the magic wand, but we do offer you the tools to try using it. You have the tool, then it’s up to you.

Not available
  • Food marketplace
  • Open your online store
  • Purchase from multiple vendors
  • Studied for groceries
  • Direct contact between customers and sellers

Not available
  • Food marketplace
  • Open your online store
  • Purchase from multiple vendors
  • Studied for groceries
  • Direct contact between customers and sellers

Not available
  • Open your online store
  • eCommerce functionalities
  • Manage your products
  • Purchase from multiple sellers
  • Categorized shops
Crabbed GALAXY

Don’t shut up. Make yourself loud.

Today’s world has given everyone the opportunity to talk about everything, without rules, without limits of expression. Surely it is an advantage, but sometimes the sense of debate is lost, as if it were always and only us to speak. We want to bring back the beauty of moderate discussion.

We have created services that characterize debates even more, helping users to find the topics they are looking for even more easily.

Not available
  • Politics made by people
  • Debates about actuality
  • Answer to questions
  • Make proposals and vote
  • Deal with trending topics every day

Bar sport
Coming soon
  • Studied for sports fans
  • Find your supporters group
  • Share your passion
  • Follow your favorite teams
  • Debate about sports

Open mic
Not available
  • A comedy-based app
  • Your virtual scene
  • Sit back and enjoy a show
  • Try to make your public laugh
  • Different comedy styles

Think of others, think of the world.

We must never forget that we often look at the world from a privileged position, and that many do not have the luck and the means that we do. We have thus decided to use our position and our means to send a signal, to send out a message that we hope will be shared by as many as possible.

When we look at the world, let’s always remember that if it is in a certain way, that’s because we have made it that way, and it is always us the ones who can change it.

Not available
  • Charity program
  • Donations and awareness
  • Shows for charity
  • Supporting hospitals and kennels
  • No-profit activities

Not available
  • Ecologic program
  • Actions for our world
  • Help us save the planet
  • Sustainability projects
  • We support green ideas