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We boost your project.

Our CMR to obtain the maximum result.

We created easy, a tool that will help you in your everyday’s business. We always have one goal, that is helping workers in their business. We do that with solutions, projects and softwares that improve our productivity.

CRM modules

First of all we developed easy as our internal management software, then we made it available to all companies to facilitate everyday organizational work. By means of this source code we are able to provide a customized solution to the needs of other companies that with our modules, easly activable, they will be able to configure its own management space.

LANGA Studios strengthening

easy Boost

Add technical figures to your project to ensure an acceleration of the work, to have your digital works in less time. We operate by means of an advanced management software, that is easy, which help us in managing big and complex projects with the right technical figures. We are always committed in giving you the best of our teams.

Free for Hey program

The easy CRM modules are free from the Red Giant level of the LANGA Studios B2B Hey program.

We have developed fun games to help you kill time while our technicians are at work.

Not only serious things

Kill the time with us

While we work on your project, relax yourself and have fun with one of our games. We developed few funny games to entertain you, in the meantime we’ll give oyur maximum to speed up your work.

Enjoy your waiting. Fancy a game?