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Digital Design Award

TheCubes Digital Design Award is an exclusive competition dedicated to the most ambitious entities that want to find a significant response to the digital work they have developed.

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Who is it for?

The TheCubes Digital Design Award is aimed at all students, professionals and ambitious advertising agencies who want to compete with one or more digital projects to strive for one of the most prestigious awards in this sector.

Example of a digital project presented in one of the past editions of the TheCubes Digital Design Award.

Why should I participate?

You will have the opportunity to present your creations to a large international audience on a highly prestigious and high ranking web platform. Imagine the visibility and attention you can get for all your work. But that’s not all: the winning projects will be communicated on external communication platforms, both digital and traditional, ensuring a widespread spread of your victory in the category in which you have triumphed. The whole world will know about your talent and skill in the field of digital design.

Are there any requirements for your projects?

Yes, each person/company can upload up to a maximum of 10 projects. The digital works must meet the requirements imposed by the jury to be admitted to the competition. Projects not exceeding the pre-selection phase will not be published. We recommend that you focus your efforts on a limited number of files, making sure they are complete and high-level digital. Only the admitted projects will have the possibility to be exposed to the jury that will attribute the final score.

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Eligibility for participation

Check your project’s eligibility for the prize by reading the guidelines and looking at previous winners. You will become aware of the quality of the work on the TheCubes platform and you can evaluate the compatibility of your project with the standards required to participate.