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Vi är verksamma i Sverige

I över 10 år har vårt företag arbetat inom webb för att skapa digital konst anpassad för våra kunder. Vi representerar ett erfaret team med hög teknisk kunnighet som vet hur man fördjupar sig i kundens verklighet och tillhandahåller den digitala tjänst som bäst passar deras behov. Vi vet vad som krävs för att bli en integrerad del av din verklighet, förstå dina mål och vad du behöver för att presentera dig själv på bästa möjliga sätt.

Kontakta oss

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we support you

by LANGA with precision.

Professional tools, resources and tips that help make our applications, both web and mobile, safer for everyone.
We are convinced that we can all be part of a better world, that we can help others with our own strength, with our program.
We work with a great number of suppliers in several ways to get always ambitious challenge with everyone of their.
Our eco policy create the very main pillar to make development as healthy and fair as possible.
Improving sustainability

Our actions, and everything we produce inside our Studios is always created by thinking to our planet first. When we create our digital services we promote sustainability with eco-compatible servers.


Security is not a game

We care about online security in all of our applications, through specific functions and tools.

A team always available to help users in their problems related to application security.

With LANGA Account you can access all our services without having to worry about the protection of your data.


The data we share is governed by the regulations expressed in our privacy policies. Total clarity is the key element in any of our projects.

We think of others, with generosity

We act through charity actions, shows for non-profit organizations and social interest campaigns to move people and encourage them to think of others, of those less fortunate than us.

Donor is a LANGA program that allows the development of a dynamic, fun and supportive fundraiser for all those charities that need help or sustenance of any kind.

We are always there for a bigger cause, ask for support from a Donor project manager to discuss the setting up of a new theatrical event.