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Support charity.

We contribute every year to charitable initiatives for the community.

LANGA wih love

Creating together

for  a better world

Us, for others

We are convinced that we can all be part of a better world, that we can help others with our own strength and that part of our revenues must necessarily go to charity to help those most in need. We have decided to open a special program to support the charity. Each year, we directly donate part of our profits for the purchase of food, hope and joy to entities that really need them.


For years we have been supporting kennels and catteries to give our little furry friends a home.


We try our best by supporting hospitals and health organizations to help the most vulnerable people.

Some of our charity cases

S.Vittoria d’Alba kennel, CN, Italy
Donation for the Gretel pet refuge

Candiolo Town Hall, TO, Italy
Participation fundraising Cancer Institute

Alba Town Hall, CN, Italy
AED donation in the historic center

Donation of medical equipment, support for cancer research programs, support activities for needy people, donations of technological equipment for educational institutions: all these are just some of the initiatives undertaken by our company.

Donor Program

Support charity, choose to donate with us.