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Charity program


Choose to support charity, choose to donate with us.

Our donations amout to date is

3.350,50 €

Donor is a LANGA program that allows the development of a dynamic, fun and supportive fundraiser for all those charities that need help or sustenance of any kind.

Through the use of our specific registered advertising format we managed to attract people to participate in our theatrical performances and, at the same time, by means of the box office collected at each event, we donated a part of it to a participating charity.

We created a specific format to support this idea.

We are convinced that we can all be part of a better world, that we can help others with our own strength and that part of our revenues must necessarily go to charity to help those most in need. We have decided to open a special program to support the charity. Each year, we directly donate part of our profits for the purchase of food, hope and joy to entities that really need them.


Submit your request to participate in an event organized by LANGA as a charity entity and compete for the final prize, drawn by lot among the other candidates that have decided to participate in the event.


Register as many participants as possible in the circle of your entity to the theater event so that you can be entitled to a higher percentage of the winner’s drawing at the end of the evening. The more seat reservations you make for your entity, the higher the amount that you can have your institution take “home” if you win.

Have fun

Enjoy our actors and our show and have fun without thinking about anything else. We collaborate with a company of crazy and wild comedians and artists, who will do their best to make you laugh madly, but above all in the name of a good beneficial cause.


At the end of the show there will be a draw lottery that will obligatorily win 1 of the participating bodies a percentage of the evening box office. For total transparency, both the drawing of the winner and the delivery of the winning check will take place under the eyes of all spectators participating in the show.

From 10 to 20


30% of the box office

From 21 to 40


40% of the box office

From 41 to 100


60% of the box office

*if the charity manages to enroll more than 100 participants in its circle, the recognized prize will be 80% of the box office.

Latest Donor interventions

Candiolo Town Hall, TO, Italia
Participation fundraising Cancer Institute
+200,00€ LANGA Corp. Srl
The furry little ones of the Kennel
Donation via Facebook for fundraising
+500,00€ Luca Prata
S.Vittoria d’Alba kennel, CN, Italy
Donation for friends of the Gretel refuge without a roof
+270,00€ LANGA Corp. Srl
Alba Town Hall, CN, Italy
AED donation in the historic center of Alba
+1575,50€ LANGA Group snc
S. Lazzaro Hospital, Cuneo, Italy
Plush donation for the pediatric ward
+675,00€ LANGA Group snc
Hospital – –
Donation of a day with clowns for the pediatric ward
+130,00€ LANGA Corp. Srl


Charitable shows


Charitable shows

Some cases

S.Vittoria d’Alba kennel, CN, Italy
Donation for friends of the Gretel refuge without a roof

Candiolo Town Hall, TO, Italy
Participation fundraising Cancer Institute

Alba Town Hall, CN, Italy
AED donation in the historic center

LANGA contributes every year to charitable initiatives for the community. Donation of medical equipment, support for cancer research programs, support activities for needy people, donations of technological equipment for educational institutions: all these are just some of the initiatives undertaken by our company.

Got some questions?

Ask for organizing a new show

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    Comedy theatrical shows

    At the moment there are no shows on the program, but don’t get demoralized! We are always there for a just cause, ask for support from a Donor project manager to discuss the setting up of a new theatrical event.

    Give a Lega to animals

    € 1000 (example price) -10% (1st Lega value) = 900

    Do you also want to use the 2nd Lega?

    We will satisfy you immediately, choosing to apply the other Lega, worth 10% of your purchase, the discount will not be deducted from your total but will be donated to charities.

    Choose to donate, choose the Donor program.

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