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They gave me all technical details and information to stay focused on my goals.

Cordero Brothers
Carpentry firm


We work with a great number of suppliers in several domains. We challenge everyone to go beyond their limits and standards, so that they have the chance to show us what they can do. Being part of our supplier registry is not effortless, it requires great sacrifices. We share with everyone our methods, our procedures and our achievements to help our suppliers make the most of their potential.

Our standards

We extend our codes of conduct for ethics, method and production flow to all our partner societies to make them respect our strict quality rules. We don’t want to look rigid, but we want to work with method, leaving a positive and neat mark. We provide our suppliers with the equipment they need so that they can achieve their goals with precision and clearness.

Responsibility #wedo

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No obligation

When it comes to compulsory work, we believe that people tied to jobs that are not suited to their talent cannot implement the standards set by our administration board. This is why we do not force any supplier to comply with our obligations. Only suppliers who accept our rules are in our register, according to their free and conscious choice. Working with us is and should be a pleasure, always.


Working on worldwide scale

Over time we have established an ethical dimension for everything in LANGA, a code of conduct to be applied in every action. We work with everyone: Italian artisans to have made in Italy design products, Indian joint ventures and Chinese partners to guarantee high standards in programming and technical production.