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We better remember we need an healthy planet.

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We are looking for the most adequate solution that helps us guarantee high quality for our services and meet our and your demands about the respect for the environment. Our ecofriendly policy and our high standards create the very main pillar to make development as healthy and fair as possible.

We have taken our first step to be more respectful of the environment by designing our facilities so that they can save the maximum of energy and, at the same time, they can offer you professional services. Besides, our worthy suppliers, that do understand and share our values, help us make LANGA’s ethical vision come true.

The account

We take everything into account. LANGA services are designed for workers and they fit for every possible and personal way of working. Our experts develop digital technologies that are unique and suitable for each production process. LANGA products stand out for safety, efficiency and commitment. We help your workers show their talents in the most appropriate way.

The context

We are totally aware that our services consume a lot of mental and physical energy. Even in developing a little web portal, many elements get involved. First of all we want to contextualize LANGA works. Our working method guarantees the best solutions from aesthetic, functional and ethical points of view. LANGA environment enables us to work at full speed consuming the less and saving the maximum amount of energies.

Physical energies

We know our systems need lots of energies to work. The equipment and the machineries we use in codification parts make the most of eco-friendly energies. Each LANGA web system draws energy from sustainable resources. We test our Servers, VPS and Clouds to make them consume less energies with no repercussion on their high performances.

Mental energies

All people working for or with LANGA consume a lot of energies, that is why our Firm has created several recreation programs to make everyone able to mentally recover form the work and recharge his batteries. We have a break room where people can rest and chill out. Many audio and video technologies are available in this theatre-shaped room, covered in ultrasoft carpeting. This room materializes all our investigations into the consumption of mental energies of our workers and makes work breaks more enjoyable.
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Sustainability #wecare

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Policies and Programs for re-use

The materialization of our services cannot take place at the expense of the environment. Based on our environmental policy, we have created our Cubes, the material representation of what we create in LANGA.

Inside our packaging

Inside each Cube you will find two simple orange coins. Thanks to these coins you will get 10% of reduction only on web works, as we have the highest consumption in our web department. You will find the writing “LANGA WEB” on all coins, and that enables you to renew your services in compliance with our sustainability policies.

Respect for earth

We want our suppliers to respect our rules about the environmental protection too. All components created by or for LANGA, in their design, use and eventual disposal in compliance with laws, must respect the whole environment in any form.